Zynga Example 1 Composition

Case Study: Zygna

Advanced Management System

Individual Job

By: Eric Koh

1 . Key Presumptions in the Business Fabric Model

Zygna take those positions that individuals in the digital world sign up for the Maslow hierarchy & that there is a desire to self-actualize. Games that appeal to such a purpose with ease of play, understanding, interact potential & connection will have extensive appeal as it provides gamers capability to achieve what can't be relatively doable in the real world very quickly (for case; farming, cricca, building kingdoms) i. e. " the augmented reality” and significantly to interact socially with long faraway, old, acquaintance, friends and make fresh friends. 2 . Testing of key presumptions in the Fabric:



Testing Methods


Customers just like long term value and worth defined as output and entertainment.

Beta roll out.

Geographical Check.


Gamers charm to all age groups and people prefer to be connected through games by means of in games activities that allow players to demonstrate both competencies or perhaps friendliness. Pilot.

Engaged Behaviour research scientist to test man tendencies.


Home –Actualization; success (level up) via increased reality and can pay for it (People are competitive) Pilot and place trial selling price.

Conjoint analysis on attributes.


Advertisers will probably pay for impressions or promotions to gain mind share Employing Zynga as well as to test mindshare and adoption.


Specific % of the gamers will be franchise avid gamers hence significant population necessary to create basic.

Relationship analysis and on behaviours.


Building on existing platform (Eg. Facebook) allows for focus, scalability, data exploration etc Weight testing to evaluate sustainability


Making a high velocity eco system simply by harnessing about social network (posting on Facebook) and creating more complexity for hard core avid gamers. Also games convergence. Look at historical styles of previous facebook publishing to...


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