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IS305: Enterprise Web Alternatives

Personalization and Internationalization in SharePoint

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IS305 – Enterprise net solutions

Clinical Exercise

Laboratory Objective:

The goal of this workout is to learn the SharePoint Personalization and Internationalization features.

Component 1: Personalization includes:

1 ) My Home (Personal View of a user)

в–Є User Profiles

▪ Personal Website (" My Home” and " My own Profile”) 2 . My Account (Shared view of a customer by other users)

several. Create Market.

Part2: Internationalization

1 . Variants

Part you: Personalization

To get Personalization characteristic, you will be employing 3 users as the owner of the site. The credentials details are as follows: Please label this whenever you are asked to enter the respective account information. |USERNAME |PASSWORD | |Administrator OR program Account |pa55w0rd | |sharon |s (small letter) | |mok |m (small letter)

Be aware: These accounts have already been developed on your local machine like a Windows bank account. You can view every one of the local accounts by likely to Control Panel > Admin Tools > Pc Management > Local Users and Groupings, and simply clicking the Users icon. )

Step one Create Web Application

• You need to create a new Net application on port 8083 using Sharepoint central Administration. You can use research laboratory 1 as reference to produce web program. Step 2 Make a Teamsite Site

• Make a new Teamsite site discussing Lab a few on Web pages 1-2. Since the images around the Terminals are redeployed, therefore it doesn't have virtually any sites collection.

My Home-page

User Information and Customization

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 extends the collaboration features by enabling site associates to take advantage of account and personalization features that help site members better manage their personal perspective of the site, make links with other associates, and perspective content targeted directly to all of them. The My own Site personal portal gives the member this:

• My Profile: A page that displays general public properties in the member's account along with documents and links the member desires to share. Design for the My Profile is the same for all internet site members. • My House: The site member's private home page of his / her personal internet site. The personal internet site is a full-on WSS web page where the user is the site owner. As internet site owner, the user can give other users access to subsites, World wide web Part pages, and other content material the member adds to the personal site.

Inside the following section, we will create a subsite for the Human Resource, Asia-Pacific region.

1 . Open the SMU Web site top-level internet site http://winserver2003:8083/sites/SMU/default.aspx

Be aware: Skip step 2. Go to step 3.

2 . Close the StudentData web component added during Lab several exercise in week several.


1 ) You are currently logged in since " administrator”. Now, replace the current end user to " sharon” using the following actions.

2 . Select " Welcome System Account” at the top-right corner. Choose Sign in while Different Consumer.


three or more. Enter the sharon credentials as mentioned below.

|User name: |sharon

| Password: |s (small s)


4. You are now logged in because user sharon. The line at the pinnacle part of the web site shows your existing account:


5. Just click " Site Actions” at the pinnacle right side corner from the page. Just click " Create”

6. Within the Web Pages line, click " Sites and...


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