Price Firmness of Demand: Analysis Dissertation




Audra Sherwood

Price Flexibility of Require Analysis

1 . Who will be likely to be even more affected by duty increases about cigarettes: all adults or perhaps young adults? How come? Cite suppleness of demand estimates from the article to back up you solution. I think that smokers are affected by any cost increase in their particular brand of cigarette. But adults are found to reply more to price modify. Studies show that cigarette taxes increase is the most effective method to achieve long-run reduction in smoking in ALL sectors of the human population (CDC, 98; Chaloupka & Grossman, 1996). So what We get from that is young adults convey more of a respond to price change either advantages or disadvantages, maybe since in our early adult years we are not as yet financially steady or continuing t make minimum wage but permanent figures display that in the long run if taxes stay by a steady maximize then you will have a reduction in every cigarette smokers young mature or otherwise. Smoking, I do go along with the statistics mainly because when the cost of cigarettes would go up there have been many individuals who I knew that either stop smoking or they were doing not smoking as much as they were doing before, including myself. 2 . To have the finest effect on reducing cancer via tobacco work with, what other products should the government tax? For what reason? The government should tax any kind of product that contains nicotine not only cigarettes. Chewing Tabaco and snuff is just as dangerous and will cause tumor. There are goods put out on the market every day intended for tobacco and nicotine users and the research is correct, in the event the prices and taxes happen to be raised about these products you will see a significant drop. Before a bum or anyone may walk across the street and ask a random person for a cigarette and get it but now that cigarettes happen to be almost $12 a pack no one desires to just give them out so therefore if you can find the money for them it would be a small harder for you to get them. I simply think that it will be obvious that any...


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