The Impact of the Christchurch Earthquake in Nz’s Tradition and Personality Essay

The Influence of the Christchurch Earthquake in NZ's Traditions and Personality


Once talking about New Zealand occasions, the Christchurch earthquake that happened approximately a year ago came to me initial. It is not a meeting, precisely, it is a disaster that shocked people's home, shattered people's cardiovascular and even carried off their lives. However , a tragedy does not simply affect people, but as well the whole contemporary society. Thus, this kind of essay will certainly discuss the influence that the Christchurch earthquake has on Fresh Zealand's traditions and id, two social theories that can explain the Christchurch earthquake. one is collectivism and individualism and the other one is ethnography and ethnocentrism. Also the author will make an evaluation between Japan's 311 Earthquake in 2011 and Sichuan earthquake in China and tiawan in 08.

Besides the research, I interviewed a couple. One is 23-year-old female, Lauren, who's born in Christchurch and now worked in Auckland; the different one is Ian, who is a 67-year-old man living in Auckland. Each of them provides completed a questionnaire consists of 9 inquiries, regarding the affect of the earthquake on the two themselves plus the New Zealand society.

Early in September 2010, Christchurch had a strong earthquake with a size of 7. zero, an epicenter at 55km (35 miles) north-west of Christchurch and a depth of 12 km (7. 5 miles) (" Solid earthquake dirt New Zealand's South Island”, 2010). Correct when people think there didn't be a extreme aftershock, about February 22th, a six. 3-magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch at doze: 51 midnight, killing 185 people. The magnitude can be not as large as the final one but the power gone right toward Christchurch town centre, triggering direct destruction. After that, rescue and repairing have been carried out under the danger of more than 7000 aftershocks (" Inquire an Expert: why so many aftershocks? ”, 2011). Emergency response from both government and society happen to be quick, with rescue groups, corresponding plans and companies. Help came from various organisations such as Reddish colored Cross and St David. Other countries also had taken part in the rescue, which include Australia, The japanese, China and UK. Till now, metropolis is definitely recovering from the disaster. People have improve the city centre with containers instead of concrete floor, and named the region " Re: start”. A $2-billion rebuild strategy of earthquake-hit central Christchurch has been accomplished in order to create a " safe, sustainable, green, high-tech, low-rise city, within a garden - a place for people” (" Christchurch draft rebuild plan revealed”, 2011). Once i went here at April, barricades were place around a lot of the remains, including the Cathedral, that can be barely noticed. Tall complexes are getting torn straight down as it is planed no this kind of buildings inside the city, seeing that most causalities were perished in taller buildings such as the 6-floor CTV building.

Through the whole technique of the earthquake, collectivism and individualism can be seen everywhere. Viewing through the reason behind it, collectivism is underneath the category of sociology, which is the scientific study of human interpersonal behavior, regarding about most group activities, in terms of monetary, social, politics, and faith based (" Sociology”, n. d. ). In the definition, you can easily sense a concept of ordinaire. Although person is born since an individual, also, they are born in a society packed with complex contacts between additional individuals. Hence, everyone is persistent entities and also social pets. The interdependent relationship among individual and society provides generated collectivism and individuality. The former means the subjugation of the individual to a group such as a race, category or express. It is contrasted with individualism, in which the rights and hobbies of the individual happen to be emphasized. Put simply, collectivism means being jointly, and individuality means becoming yourself.

In the case of earthquake, C. Wright Mills' theory can be used when he explores the interface among private...

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