The Government During Spanish and Present Day Federal government Essay


Throughout the 15th 100 years there are essential event happen in politics and sustenance in The european union they named it renaissance or reborn, it make the trade in Europe fast. It causes strong desire of Euro search to find the spice isle to support our economy of their region. One of the countries is the The country; they located the new community (America) simply by Christopher Columbus and many island destinations is rediscovered by The country of spain during the gold age one of these is the Korea discovered by Ferdinand Magellan on 03 16 1521. According to the experienced the reason why the Spanish colonization of many isle is the three or more G`s THE ALMIGHTY, Gold and glory. (1) GOD they wish to spread the Christianity on the globe (2) Rare metal they want economic wealth because of the wealth is the measurement of greatness from the nation (3) Glory The spanish language desire to started to be great disposition in the world. The Philippines colonized by Spain almost three hundred year in many ways the effect of the The spanish language can see today like Christianity it is the many successful and enduring and in addition in govt.

The affect of Spanish colonization take a part in are federal government today permit see what is like the government during Spanish and contemporary Filipinos. 1 . FORM OF THE GOVERNMENT


Spanish government during colonization in the Philippines is usually monarchy. These are generally the some characteristic of monarchy: •It form of authorities in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied in single person(King) •In monarchy the kingship is usually passed down through inheritance inside the family group •The ruler is the exec, legislative and judicial

•The king have of his own official in authorities


Todays government of the Philippines kind of democracy, that came to American they help Filipinos to self-government and enlighten a persons vision in democracy the country. They are the characteristic of democracy: •It a form of government in which the sovereign may be the people of country •The government officials is elected by the people of the country •The representative of the folks who came up with the law of country •There is pluriform multi-party program, this system revolves around three individual and sovereign yet interdependent branch: the legislative, executive and the legislativo branch

installment payments on your THE SUBSET OF GOVERNMENT


During Spanish colonization the Israel is lead by Governador General. This can be the duty and characteristic from the head of state •He is the associated with the ruler of Spain

•He has the power to find or ease officer inside the government or perhaps priest inside the parish(But the president of Philippines not need power to reduce the parish priest) other than those in person appointed by simply king of Spain •He is the leader in key colonial armed service force

•Because of distance of the Thailand from The country, he practiced the power of a monarch. He could declare war or peace in just about any county

Todays government your head of the state is the Chief executive. The duty and characteristic in the president: •He is leader in primary of army

•The director is also offered several military powers, even though once practiced, Congress will be able to prolong or end it. •The leader wield considerable political electricity and may be able to influence other branch by way of so called Protector system •The president likewise proposes a national budget, in which Congress may undertake in full with amendment or possibly a complete revision altogether •He can have cabinet, the cabinet is mostly composed of the top of exec department, with provide service to the people and other cabinet officials. •The chief executive has power to appoint and relieve federal government officials other than those appoint by the people today belonging to the country II. THE JUDUCIAL BRANCH

The Royal Encuentro, this is the Great Court in Spanish colonization. This the function of Royal Audiencia



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