The Cosmetic makeup products and Toiletries Industry Dissertation

The Makeup and Toiletries Industry

Product Coverage

The Cosmetics and Toiletries Market has a wide array of products that can be determined since the following:

Baby care;

Bath and shower items;

Coloring cosmetics;




Hair care;

In a number of grooming products;

Oral hygiene;

High grade cosmetics;

Skin care;

Sun care

The Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry in the Philippines

The Industry all together

The Korea is a region wherein its citizens are spending element of their income in personal hygiene in addition to making themselves look-good. With the massive multimedia campaigns (commercials, ads, sponsorships) made by a common celebrities to whom Filipinos admire/ idolize a whole lot, the cosmetic makeup products and toiletries industry near your vicinity has a really good potential.

In the past years, the overall overall performance of cosmetics and toiletries was hindered by a lot of reasons including the political battles and the Philippines' weak economy. Consumers have got nothing to do but to be a little bit small on their spending in order to make it through. The efficiency of the sector therefore stayed at stable at par value growth.

Obviously, these products that customers buy a whole lot (popular) will be bath and shower items, oral care, skin care, baby care and perfume goods. But in the past years, with the wide array of products in the cosmetic makeup products and toiletries industry in the Philippines device rising consumer awareness and interest, the two skin care and depilatories (hair removal/wax) products were asked and searched for more by the consumers.

In conclusion, in order for the consumers to have all the makeup and toiletries product that they can wanted to, they will started to change and buy their particular personal care products on less expensive brands as well as to smaller presentation sizes which are offered by the manufacturers. The switch to less expensive brands provides in fact contributed to the slowdown in benefit growth of several cosmetics and toiletries products. Volume regarding various goods has nonetheless been either maintained or perhaps boosted resulting from the hefty media campaigns.

The Filipino's Dream Skin tone and Scent

Consumers feel that celebrities like Ruffa Gutierrez, Gretchen Barretto, Charlene Gonzales are goddesses' of natural beauty and have timeless beauty; therefore , they simply wished to be like them in any way. The Filipino's fantasy complexion should be to have a reasonable and sparkling skin for this reason they really take a lot time, hard work and money in taking care of themselves. Furthermore, that they try to smell as perfumed, fragrant and fresh as they can to complete themselves.

Just like during the past years, the whitening tendency is still quite definitely in the limelight. Manufacturer's basically keeps on launching fresh skin care products with new explored ingredients on how they can make one's skin look more youthful and better.

What's new and innovative is usually that the trend of whitening isn't only limited to skin care and shade cosmetics although also to deodorants, bath and bathtub products, and oral health products.

Once again, amongst the expanding trend of such whitening products, skin care products once again bested the overall performance of all additional cosmetics and toiletries items with a confident 14% current value expansion (Euromonitor, 2006).

Local VS . International Businesses

The local firms have made their presence felt in the combat in gaining market share in the Philippine makeup and toiletries industry. Although industry remains controlled and dominated by multinationals, even now, these local manufacturers tried to gave these people a real close fight.

Sprinkle Manufacturing Corp/ Hortaleza Beauty Center (HBC)., which is the country's leading company concentrating on the makeup and toiletries industry, centered their marketing and sales about products which are light for the pocket and which are easily affordable by the masses. They tried to concentrate on the class B-C in order to gain market share which genuinely proved...

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