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         Decide on a topic to write about.

         Consider that will read or listen to the written job.          Brainstorm concepts about the subject.

         List places that you can exploration information.          Do your research.



         Put the info you explored into your personal words.          Write sentences and paragraphs even if they are not really perfect.          Read what you have written and judge whether it says everything you mean.          Show it in front of large audiences and ask intended for suggestions. �



         Read what you have got written again.

         Think with what others said about it.

         Rearrange words or sentences.

         Take out or add parts.

         Replace over-used or unclear words.

         Read your writing aloud to be certain it goes smoothly. �



         Be sure almost all sentences are complete.

         Correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.          Change words that are not used correctly.          Have someone check your work.

         Recopy it properly and efficiently.


SHARE THE FINISHED ITEM          Read your writing aloud to a group.

         Create an e book of your job.

         Send a duplicate to a good friend or relative.

         Put your writing displayed.

         Illustrate, carry out, or set your creation to music.          Congratulate your self on a task well done! Creative Writing

Innovative writing is nearly anything where the purpose is to communicate thoughts, thoughts and emotions rather than to simply convey information. Creative writing can technically be regarded as any composing of original composition. In this sense, innovative writing is a much more contemporary and process-oriented name for what has been traditionally called literature, including the selection of its genres. �


Components of Creative Producing

* Persona

* Standpoint

* Story

* Environment

* Discussion (fiction)

2. Style (fiction)

* Theme and Motif



Forms of innovative writing

5. Autobiography/Memoir

* Collaborative writing

* Creative non-fiction (Personal & Journalistic Essays) * Epic

* Expensive fiction

2. Novel

* Novella

2. Playwriting/Dramatic writing

* Poems

* Screenwriting

* Short story

* Songwriting

5. Bibliography

* Stream of consciousness (narrative mode)

History Writing

A tiny cast of characters, with one main character. A tight time frame, with all the story taking place over the course of a couple of days or weeks

Writing a Story

Like any story, you needs to have a beginning, middle and end: 5. The beginning is where we're introduced to the characters, especially the main figure and his or her problem 2. The middle is where the action and storyline develops. The key character is going to face problems such as competitors from other persons or a difficult environment. * The end is where the primary character triumphs over his/her biggest obstacle (or does not work out, in the case of a tragedy). The resolution needs to be satisfying and conclusive intended for the reader. 5.

TipsWhy do some stories genuinely ring in the mind while some leave you while using feeling of 'what was the point? '. To generate your short stories more beneficial, try to remember these next points while writing: 1 ) Have a theme. What is the story regarding? That doesn't indicate what is the plot series, the pattern of events or the character's actions, this means what is the underlying concept or affirmation behind the text. Get this right and your history will have more resonance for your readers. � 2 . A powerful short...


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