Tax Avoidance Essay

How the SWOT analysis may be used to make expense recommendations

——based on the case of " China Insurance coverage Company Limited”


1 . Introduction3

2 . Company Overview5

2 . 1 History and organization size5

2 . 2 Merchandise and service network5

installment payments on your 3 Economic overview6

2 . 4 Tactical Objectives6

a few. SWOT analysis7

3. you Strengths8

a few. 1 . you Financial achievement8

3. 1 . 2 Corporation operation10

several. 2 Weaknesses11

3. installment payments on your 1 Geographic concentration12

a few. 2 . two Declining performance12

3. a few Opportunities14

3. 3. one particular High regarding Chinese insurance industry14

three or more. 3. a couple of Large inhabitants and development in pensions15

3. some Threats16

a few. 4. one particular Intensive competition16

3. 4. 2 Influence of bancassurance channel17

4. Evaluation18

some. 1 Expense recommendation18

4. 2 Evaluation of SWOT19

5. Conclusion21

6. References22

7. Appendices25

1 . Intro

In recent years, there is an increasing interest in financial expenditure, especially in stock investment, which is always high-yielding along with high-risk. When coming up with stock opportunities, for the sake of obtaining as excessive a return as is possible on the bottom of the relatively lowest risk, methods will be needed to examine the value of the organization before determining a particular corporation is worth to purchase or certainly not.

There are numerous techniques to analyze a corporation in terms of the financial supervision, marketing strategies and operation. Of all, SWOT analysis is a normal management consulting tool to make an overall research of a whole company. Therefore, this method can be used to make purchase recommendations to allow the shareholders to have a very clear view from the corporation that they will be going to buy.

" SWOT, an phrase that means strengths, weak spot, opportunities, and threats, can be described as careful analysis of an organization's internal strong points and some weakness as well as their environmental possibilities and threats” (Griffin, 08, p. 67). As an exceptional and bottom strategic planning method, it can be used to analyze and compare a number of things in operation. Therefore , this can be a typical asking method that is used by numerous management consultancies to do the corporation analysis to be able to evaluate whether a company will be worth to invest in or not.

Depending on the case " China Life Insurance Company Limited”, this conventional paper is going to look into how SWOT analysis can be utilized and used on real circumstances in order to make expenditure recommendations. After having a concise explanation of the SWOT analysis being given out as of this first component, it is followed by a brief overview of the Chinese suppliers Life Insurance Organization Limited with regards to company size, marketing, economical overview, and strategy eye-sight in the second part. With regards to the exterior environment plus the internal methods, the third part will focus on the SWOT analysis from the " Chinese suppliers Life Insurance Business Limited” with multiple info and data as helping. And then, it will eventually move on to make an investment recommendation around the China Insurance coverage Company in line with the SWOT research. At the same time, the drawbacks of SWOT will probably be explained and a brief reference point will be designed to other asking tools that will be put into use in making investment advice. Finally, the paper will conclude that a comparatively integrate expense recommendation will be made following the conjunction of using multiple management consulting tools.

Through this daily news the term " CLI” and " China and tiawan Life” will be used to refer to " Cina Life Insurance Organization Limited”.

2 . Company Summary

2 . you History and firm size

Cina Life Insurance Business Ltd. may be the biggest insurance coverage company on the globe, and also the biggest insurance company in China. Excellent long history as its precursor was established in 1949 which is supported by the Chinese federal government. Now Cina Life stands 9th in the " Bundle of money 500” list among the China enterprises. Moreover, it is the initial Chinese insurance carrier...

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