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Energy Procedia 17 (2012) 906 – 912

2012 International Conference on Foreseeable future Electrical Power and Energy Systems

Study on The Effect of Regenerative System upon Power Type Relative Inside Efficiency of Nuclear Heavy steam Turbine Yong Li, Chao Wang

University of Energy and Power Architectural, Northeast Dianli University, Jilin City, Cina

Abstract Indivisible steam generator use damp steam because working moderate, which is not able to determine the enthalpy drop type comparative internal productivity through deplete enthalpy of steam, nevertheless the power type relative internal efficiency avoids this question. This conventional paper introduced the calculate way of power type relative inner efficience, then took a 900MW elemental steam generator for example , worked out the power type relative internal efficiency if the factors of regenerative program are transformed. The result shows that when the elements of regenerative system will be changed in a large range, the power type relative inner efficiency is nearly changeless, therefore the effect of regenerative system in relative internal efficiency may be neglected. Now, the self-reliance between relative internal efficiency and best cycle heat efficiency is usually calculated and analyzed. В© 2012 Posted by simply by Elsevier Assortment and/or peer-review under responsibility of Hainan University. 2011 Published Elsevier Ltd. Limited. Selection and/or peer-review beneath responsibility of [name organizer] Keywords: indivisible steam generator; regenerative program; power type relative internal efficiency

1 ) Introduction At present, with the establishment of competitive and open regional electric power market in domestic, Elemental Power Plant is usually facing the battle of the industry economy straight. Improving the economy of Nuclear Steam Generator, reducing the expense of generate electrical power while improving the level of secure operation of equipments is an important issue intended for Nuclear Electric power Plants [1]. Relative internal efficiency is an important monetary index of steam generator, which can assess the flow way condition of heavy steam turbine and contribute to adapt production to get maximum economic profit. For regular thermal electricity plants, the relative inner efficiency of steam generator can be determined by the heat test [2]. Elemental Steam Generator uses saturation steam since new steam, and most with the extraction factors are in wet heavy steam area due to the lower pressure, and the way of measuring of wet steam enthalpy is now nonetheless in research phase, which will bring difficulties for determining relative interior efficiency of steam generator. Currently, articles or blog posts have been written about analyzing and calculating operation economy of flow way of Nuclear Steam Turbine. Article [3] adopts nerve organs network to monitor and diagnose the operation overall economy of stream path of Nuclear Steam Turbine, nevertheless , as noted from document [4], after

1876-6102 В© 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and peer-review below responsibility of Hainan College or university. doi: twelve. 1016/j. egypro. 2012. 02. 186

Yong Li and Chao Wang / Energy Procedia 18 (2012) 906 – 912


implementing regenerative routine, the alter of regenerative system will also cause particular influence on the flow level in flow path of steam generator, pressure and enthalpy of extraction factors, which may present an error in monitoring and diagnosing. Content [5] gives a new approach on testing relative inner efficiency, taking into consideration the coupling between turbine noumenon and regenerative system, and analyzes the effect of the regenerative on the electrical power type comparable internal effectiveness. However , two data is merely chosen inside the analytic procedure, which can't prove the result of the regenerative system on the power type internal productivity enough, and it avoid consider the change of the efficiency of separator. In this post, basing for the deficiency in article [5], the effect of the regenerative system about relative inner efficiency is usually analyzed in greater detail, point that whenever the...

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