Solidworks CAD Pulley Program Essay

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A number of the important guidelines that I made and then utilized in my design and style table and in addition in the calculations below are as follows: Shaft Radius= Shaft Diameter/2

Gear Circumference= No . of teeth x 10mm

Flange Diameter= (2 by Gear Radius) + 12

Hub Diameter= Shaft Diameter x 2

‘Cut pertaining to Shaft' diameter= Shaft Diameter

Hole Diameter= Shaft Size


The first calculations was to compute the Gear Radius (r) using the information supplied:

The proper belt thickness was then determined; this was done making use of the torsion of the belt (including a factor of safety 1 . 5). The equation to get the decalage (including the FOS) is definitely

The offered belt widths were 16, 25 and 32 logistik. The seatbelt has a packing capacity of 60N/mm, which can be combined with torsion in the equation to find the seatbelt width:

The shaft opening (and and so size of shaft) is determined by the shear strength of the match of the pulley onto the shaft which is 186 MPa. There are 3 shaft diameters (10, 12-15 and 20) and the correct one is identified by the equation

Fat Saving Design and style Rationale

Creating four straight material keeping holes seemed like a simple and relatively powerful way of reaching the objective of reducing volume level also it helped maintain the axial symmetry needed by the model specifications. Making the ends of the slice sections circular made sure simply no material was being left unnecessarily. In addition My spouse and i filleted both equally sides of the flanges in order to lessen volume. We made sure the fact that hub was not thicker than necessary and flanges simply 1mm thicker, both these methods were taken up reduce the amount. Modelling Method

My very first step was to attract a single tooth with and arc in either aspect. This was smart dimensioned for the correct form and then extruded. The radius is the main wise dimension to be created because required for the design table. It is important to extrude before spherical patterning as it doesn't work in case it is patterned initial. Next the edges...



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