Science Physics P1 Composition

Tips about the solar system

The understanding of the solar system has changed over many centuries. Scientists such as Ptolemy, Copernicus and Galileo added all their ideas to our changing understanding. We observe the universe by using a variety of equipment, from telescopes to orbiters and landers. Models of the solar system

The planets as well as the Sun orbit the Earth in Ptolemy's version.

Our knowledge of the world has changed after some time. Different civilisations have created different models to explain what the universe can be and how the universe began. The Ancient greek astronomer Ptolemy (c90-168AD) utilized measurements with the sky to produce his geocentric model. This had the entire world at the middle and all the planets and the sun orbiting around it. The geocentric model lasted a long time. This wasn't until the mid eighteenth century that Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) developed a different model. His heliocentric theory position the sun at the centre if the universe. It was based on findings with the telescope – job pioneered by Italian uranologist Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). Obtaining new exoplanets

As telescopes have increased scientists have found new exoplanets. Copernicus' type of the galaxy didn't consist of Uranus, Neptune or the dwarf planet Pluto because telescopes at the time were not good enough to view them. Galileo

Galileo found out the existane of moons

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was an Italian language astronomer doing work at a time the moment all Scientists believed our planet was the center of the Universe and all planets orbited that (the geocentric model). Using the newly made telescope this individual discovered that Jupiter had 4 moons. Mainly because these moons had been orbiting Jupiter itself, this showed not everything orbited the Earth. Galileo's findings place him in conflict with the Catholic Cathedral as they thought the geocentric model. This individual spent a large number of his existence under property arrest as a result of his morals. Observing the universe

Distant stars and galaxies are too far away for all of us to reach. All of us cannot go to them to analyze them. So everything we know about far away stars and galaxies originates from analysing rays they develop. Telescopes will be devices utilized to observe the world. There are many different types and some are even sited in space. Optic telescopes

Optical telescopes watch visible mild from space. Small kinds allow hobbyists to view the night sky comparatively cheaply but there are very large optical telescopes sited around the globe for specialist astronomers to work with. Optical telescopes on the ground have some disadvantages:

5. they can be used through the night

* they can be used if the weather can be poor or perhaps cloudy.

Various other telescopes

Car radio telescopes discover radio waves coming from space. Although they are often very large and expensive, these kinds of telescopes provide an advantage more than optical telescopes. They can be used in bad weather as the radio waves are not blocked by clouds as they go through the ambiance. Radio telescopes can also be used inside the daytime as well as night. X-rays are partly blocked by Earth's atmosphere and so X-ray telescopes must be at thin air or flown in balloons. Space telescopes

Objects in the universe emit other electromagnetic radiation just like infrared, X-rays and gamma rays. These are generally all blocked by the Earth's atmosphere, although can be detected by telescopes placed in orbit round the The planet. Telescopes in space can easily observe the whole sky and they can run both day and night. However , they can be difficult and expensive to launch and keep. If anything goes wrong, only jet pilots can deal with them. Telescopes

We all use a selection of telescopes to assist us observe the Universe. Telescopes have developed over time. They use decorative mirrors and lens to flex, magnify and focus the sunshine. One type of zoom lens used is named a converging lens. Converging lenses

A lens is usually transparent stop that causes light to refract (changes the direction the light travels in). A converging lens...


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