Guidelines on the Heat Absorption Lab Composition

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High temperature Absorption Laboratory

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High temperature Absorption Research laboratory

Heat Ingestion Lab

Issue: Does color affect temperature absorption?

Research: Some hues reflect lumination and temperature energy. Other colors absorb light and heat strength.

Hypothesis: If I place black, white, red, green, blue and yellow daily news under a lamp, then __________ paper will absorb the most heat. (what color? )

Materials: six lamps; a single piece each of black, white, crimson, green, green and yellow construction paper; 6 thermometers, stopwatch


1) Utilizing a thermometer, take those temperature at the station. 2) Place the thermometer on the countertop.

3) Plug-in or start up the light.

4) Place light fixture so that it is shining directly on the thermometer. 5) Put the colored development paper together with the thermometer. 6) Hang on three moments, remove the construction paper and take the temp reading. 7) Place the structure paper again on top of the thermometer. 8) Take the temperatures every 3 minutes right up until you get to 15 minutes. 9) Record the data in the data stand.


Time (min)| BlackTemp. (в„ѓ)| BlueTemp. (в„ѓ)| GreenTemp. (в„ѓ)| RedTemp. (в„ѓ)| WhiteTemp. (в„ѓ)| YellowTemp. (в„ѓ)| 0| 20| 19| 20| 21| 20| 19

3| 25| 21| 21| 21| 20| 20

6| 27| 24| 21| 23| 21| 20

9| 31| 25| 23| 24| 21| 21

12| 35| 26| 24| 24| 21| 21

15| 39| 27| 25| 24| 22| 22

Conclusion: My hypothesis was __________________ since _____________ absorbs the most warmth energy. (correct or incorrect) (which color)

What you need to finish:

1) Write down thier problem in your ISN.

2) Write the hypothesis in your ISN and fill out the blanks. 3) Draw the...



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