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Reflect on what you possess learnt throughout the Study Skills module, concentrating particularly for the marking workshop. Introduction

Expression can be defined as " …reviewing experience from practice that it may be described, analysed, evaluated and therefore used to inform and change future practice. ” (Bulman 08: 4). Study skills are essential in university education because Cottrell (2013: 7) claims " … higher level analyze is different from their precious knowledge. ”. Examine skills improve an efficient learning and lead you to success as a student. Through this paper, I would really like to show the reflection on what I include learnt during the Study Skills module, particularly on the tagging workshop which is very helpful in preparing the approaching assignments as well as laying the foundations of my examine path. Model of Reflection

For much more systematic of the assessment, it is crucial to use a platform. The Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle is a fantastic model for reflection. The model involves six periods of reflection. (Figure 1). Gibbs refractive cycle is a form of methodized reflection model which is crystal clear and specific allowing for explanation, analysis and evaluation in the experience helping us to make sense of experiences and examine the practice. To reflect is not enough, actions is the most important that we have to put into practice the learning and new understanding we certainly have gained for that reason allowing the reflective process to inform each of our practice. Gibbs prompts all of us to make an action plan. This enables us to look at the practice and find out what we could change in the Gibbs' (1988) Model of Reflection Description

I have already been being a rn for three years and chosen to achieve the fundamental qualification, Bachelor study. Getting updated info and understanding are taken advantage of in functioning and getting more competitive in this world. Three lessons are exceeded. The Study Abilities module which can be the first module of the BSc (Hons) Health Care Studies (Nursing) Hong...

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