Promotional Techniques for Cars in India Article

Study of Promotional Approaches for Cars in India

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Table of Contents

1 ) Objective 2 . Scope of 3. Rationale 4. Assumptive Framework and Review of Literary works i. ii. iii. iv. Promotional Technique Promotional Mix Message and Media Technique Communication Model- AIDA

a few. Promotion Procedure For Cars i. 2. iii. 4. v. ni. vii. viii. ix. Choosing the target marketplace Product and Brand Setting Promotional Decisions Advertising Direct Marketing Interactive/Interactive Marketing Revenue Promotion Publicity/Public Relation Personal Selling

six. Ford Fiesta and its Promotions i actually. Target Market



Taking on offer to fit target segment

iii. 4.

Market Competition Strategic Promotion of Ford

7. Questionnaire 8. Analyzed Survey Record of the Questionnaire 9. SWOT Analysis 15. SWOT Research of Fiesta from ford 11. Conclusion 12. Bibliography


Part 1 Advantages



 To study and examine the portions of Promotional Approaches.  Examine and research of promotional strategies of Kia India for its product Fiesta from ford.  Study the customer response regarding the special offers of cars in India.

Scope from the Project

 Study the basic aspects of Marketing Strategies including Sales Promotion, Personal Offering, Advertising and Publicity.  Studying the consumer response with regards to promotions of cars in India through a questionnaire.  Study the promotional strategies of Ford Fiesta with all the current tools of promotion.  Analyze and interpret the responses by SWOT research.


Info Collection and Analysis

 Secondary info collection in the various car information websites, newspapers, journals, etc .  Primary data collected by a questionnaire designed to goal the customer regarding the promotions of cars in India.  Analysis of promotional tactics by SWOT analysis by evaluating the Strengths, Disadvantages, Opportunities and Threats of Ford Fiesta by analyzing the responses through the questionnaire.


One of the fastest growing sectors in the world is automobile sector. This automobile industry also has the influence for the Indian marketplace. There is an emergence of worldwide automobile players in India, such as Ford, for the past ten years and each player have their different promotional strategies to interact buyers. This project is an attempt to understand these kinds of promotional tactics adopted simply by different automobile companies in India. This project concerns with the research of choosing the 6

most suitable mix of advertising and marketing, sales promo, personal providing and advertising for cars in India with a detailed examine of advertising strategy of Ford Fiesta. This project likewise targets the purchasers in India regarding the offers of autos in India by critiquing and interpreting a customer survey.

Chapter 2 Literature Survey


Theoretical Framework and Review of Literature

Promotional Technique

A successful product or service means practically nothing unless the benefit of such something can be conveyed clearly towards the target market. An organizations marketing strategy may consist of:

Marketing: Is any non personal paid form of communication employing any kind of mass media.

Advertising: Involves expanding positive human relationships with the organization media community. The art of great public relations is not just to obtain advantageous publicity within the media, but it really is also entails being able to deal with successfully adverse attention.

Product sales promotion: Widely used to obtain an increase in sales short-run. It could entail using money off coupons or perhaps special offers.


Personal selling: Selling a product or service service one to one.

Direct Mail: Is the sending of advertising material into a named person within an firm. There has been a massive growth in direct mail advertisments over the last your five years. Investing in direct mail right now amounts to ВЈ18 bn a year addressing 11. 8% of advertising expenditure (Source: Royal Postal mail 2000). Businesses can pay a large number of...

Bibliography: 1 . Marketing Administration, Twelfth Copy, Philip Kotler, Kevin Street Keller, Abraham Koshy, Mithileshwar Jha, Pearson Education. installment payments on your a few. 4. 5. 6th. 7.



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