My upcoming goals as a University Student Article

Personal Goals that I wish to Attain as being a University Student

Antoinette Sachetta

Format: Personal Desired goals that I would like to attain like a University Student

I)Meaning in the word objective

a)All Students possess Goals

b)Overachieving and Goals

II) Why I have create goals to achieve

a)Wants and desires

b)Personal satisfaction

III)The Goals I have collection for me personally


b)Getting through the first course

c)Learning to work with critical considering

d)Learning to are a team

e)Completing assignments in a timely and correct manner

f)Getting my personal Bachelors Level


a) The final aim I wish to achieve

I am a great overachiever and have many goals that I wish to attain

A student offers goals in the or her own right. Before going any further, let us consider the meaning with the word aim; the meaning in the word Target in Webster's Dictionary is " the conclusion toward which usually effort is definitely directed. " Ultimately, desired goals cannot be accomplished unless a little effort is applied. Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary twenty six Feb. 2005

Goals are easily achievable if you you want to the effort. This is the hardest component, effort. To me, one of my personal goals is to become through this course with high marks, that may be unattainable, but We am an overachiever, and i also am not happy with plain old satisfactory. I have to learn, We am keen, I want a much better life, an improved paying job, a bigger residence, a nicer car, although let us keep in mind that these are definitely the end-results of effort.

The first goal i need to work with is persistence to be able to read every part of any course's syllabus. In that trend, I know precisely what to expect. In that respect, I do the assignments properly and on period. I am an inpatient person, I need things now, and I do not want to wait. Patience is a virtue. Let me learn this.

Another goal I have to achieve gets through this first course. I are trying seriously to stay in front of the game. It really is week a single, and I was working on weekly...

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