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Product 55 undertake agreed pressure area attention

1, you - identify the human anatomy of the skin in relation to epidermis breakdown as well as the development of pressure sores. Skin is composed of a few layers. Your skin which seems to be so slender is still by itself divided into epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous part or hypodermis. each part has its own function and very own importance to maintain the integrity of pores and skin and thus the whole physiology. He is each part in greater detail. 1 -- epidermis may be the topmost coating or rather the visible part of the skin that is composed of your five layers of cells, which can be arranged in 2 zones; the " light " horny coating and a germinal coating under this. The horny layer is made up of a few layers of cells. They are stratum corneum which is the superficial coating. It has thin, flat, lifeless cells filled with keratin, which can be constantly staying cast off. Keratin is definitely a important constituent as it is a form of insoluble fibrous protein in order to to protect the body. This part helps to control heat, chemicals, light and micro-organisms. Below this part is the assise lucidum, this kind of layer contains flat skin cells with no specific outline with out nuclei. These cells contain eliding, a retractile and weakly staining keratin within the cells of the classe lucidum of the palmar and plantar skin, which is a prekeratinous substance.

1 ) 2 - identify pressure sites from the body

The pressure sites of the body system are as follows;

Arms, as well as shoulders

Body and bottom

Hip and legs, ankles and heels

Mind and ear

Back of your head

Breasts [in woman]

Sex organs [in men]

Base of the spine


1 . 3 - identify factors that might put a person vulnerable to skin breakdown and pressure sores Breakdown of the skin can be due to cuts, cry, blisters or perhaps burns towards the most severe pressure ulcers with the damage of tissues down to and even including the bone tissue. A pressure sore especially one that needs surgery, for example a muscle argument or pores and skin...


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