Microbiology Composition

Microbiology: ‘The Correct handling of Micro-organisms' 1 . Devise a title for each of the two experiments you did:

(i), Experiment 1 demonstrated the growth of bacteria once placed in liquefied nutrient broth culture, the number of species present had improved in expansion.. (1)

(ii) Experiment two illustrated the growth of bacterias when placed on different areas of stable agar plates which included: nutrient agar, CLED agar and MacConkey agar; the number of species present as well had increased in growth. (1)

2(A). Experiment one particular: Choose a couple of words that describe seen the pre –incubation broth: (i) Straw yellow (½) (ii) Transparent. (½) a couple of (B). Select two words that explain the appearance of the post-incubation broth: (i) Turbidity. (½) (ii) Pellicle development (½) 3. Complete the table listed below to show the post-incubation observations in Try things out 2

Nutritious Agar


MacConkey Agar

Presence of agar before incubation

Soft yellow


Reddish colored

Appearance of the colonies for each and every species to each type of agar agar

E. coli – Gleaming white/clear with rough external edges.

P. aeruginosa – Matte white/clear with smooth outer edges

B. subsilis – Matte white/clear with rough external edges.

E. coli – maussade yellow colony produced.

P. aeruginosa – green colony developed

N. subsilis – pale green colony produced

E. coli – fruit colony developed

P. aeruginosa – white colored colony developed

W. subsilis – pale orange colony developed.

Appearance of Agar agar surrounding every species next incubation


Electronic. coli – Yellow

P. aeruginosa – Green

B. subsilis – Soft Blue

Elizabeth. coli – Orange

P. aeruginosa – Orange

B. subsilis – Fruit


4 (A). Describe what is meant by term aseptic technique: Aseptic technique is any technique that ensures asepsis (such that no contamination of the culture) occurs and therefore prevents the risk of infection. (1)

4 (B). Briefly illustrate 5 aseptic procedures you used throughout the experiments, emphasising in every example you give, how you decreased potential toxins to your cultures by undesirable micro-organisms: (i) First, we should sterilise the inoculating trap by heating it before the colour reached a distinct red hot inside the hottest element of a blue flame over a Bunsen burner. This was done before and after work with; this ensures that any bacterias which may have been completely left around the loop were destroyed so asepsis is definitely achieved. (1)

(ii) The inoculating trap was held in a high angle that may be somewhat near to vertical. This kind of ensures that any kind of liquid that is certainly present around the loop can flow downwards and in the flame, where it will be totally destroyed so asepsis is made. (1)

(iii) Another technique included flaming the necks of bottles making use of the Bunsen burner. This makes sure that any bacteria present will be destroyed but not able to enter thereby avoiding contamination in the culture(s).


(iv)We were required to perform the transfer of each and every microorganism around the cultures when and efficiently as possible. The cultures had been exposed to surroundings for a little amount of time; or else risk of toxic contamination would have happened.. (1)

(v) During experiment 1, we had to lift the cover of the bottle of wine and hold it within our little finger, taking care not to put it on the worktop. Then making use of the rest of the fingers, we might hold the jar and work with our cost-free hand to complete all of those other procedure. As soon as the experiment was completed we all used each of our little little finger to place the cap again onto the bottle. (1)

5 (A). The formation of aerosols inside the microbiology clinical should be avoided. What does a microbiologist mean by an aerosol? This is actually the dispersal of...


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