Essay about « Our company is Marshall» Movie Review

" We are Marshall Movie assessment

Operating head: Task Two

Project Two – Movie Review

Kevin A. Michael

University of Oklahoma

SWK 5333(980) – Diversity and Oppression

September 25, 2010

Professor: Doctor Mary Brandt

Assignment Two – Film Review

Basis for Choice of Movie

The selection of film, I possess chosen, is located upon my infatuation together with the very intriguing storyline it offers. To start with, one may think that the storyline is definitely nothing more than one more movie relating to football. Nevertheless , the storyline presents a combination of a beloved American sport, along with coming in contact with accounts with the lives of each main figure, as they managed grief and despair individually. Most importantly, the storyline depicts the perseverance of one man who also strived to get perfection, even though everyone else nor believed in him nor shared his eyesight. " We could Marshall” correlates with the book as, the way in which in which people adapt to hard challenges change from person to person. Nevertheless , in order to achieve a true express of resiliency, one need to allow the phases of grieving to be a substance process. Finally, " We are Marshall” reveals the activities of one, can cause changes which usually positively impinge upon various.

Summary of Movie

" We are Marshall” is based after a true history that took place on November 14, 1970. " We are Marshall” starts with a plane crash that kills seventy five members in the football staff, including players, coaches, and fans. You can imagine just how such a devastating celebration would impact the Marshall University community. Therefore , university President Jesse Demond along with powerfulk community users, decided ideal of the college or university, to stop the basketball program. Nate Ruffin, who was the (co-captain and protective back) within the team, chooses that it is very important that the sports program is still viable. " We Are Marshall” depicts how Ruffin offered as a catalyst for alter, by matching a move comprised of students and community members, in efforts of demonstrating solidarity for the need of, the basketball program to keep active. With just the aforementioned, and by orchestrating the community support, Ruffin inevitably obtained the support of the university President. Collectively, Ruffin and Demond revitalizes this much required team by recruitment of the head coach (coach Lengyel) and players. The new team's chip name was " Fresh Thundering Herd” and even though Coach Lengyel's main focus was to win, he seemed beyond these kinds of statistics and focused on the benefits of continuing an active football software. This idea was an ideological shift for the latest players as the previous mind coach indicated an emphasis on winning.

The Cultural Issues

Nate followed, what he assumed was a path to permanent freedom by first, becoming aware of the oppression by university plank members. The president and board members wanted to decide the fortune of the group and the community without all their representation or input. Upon, gaining consciousness, Ruffin became resourceful through way of imagination, deputized members of his team to enlighten the community. This work of enlightenment, allowed the liberation process to begin, as it include the oppressed group in the act of liberation. Secondly, Ruffin decided upon a listing of various praxes through which he controlled. The accion was understanding of self-determination, creative imagination, and rationality affected change of the point out of oppression. The action of delivering forward a group, displaying creativity by chanting " Were Marshall” was creative for the reason that this phrase was used by the football crew as words and phrases of solidarity; this allowed the oppressor to justify their activities impact upon the oppressed. (Freire, 1970). Coach Lengyel took on the role of any social staff member, as he aided those who were affected by the tragedy from the plane crash. Lengyel conducted himself with all the cultural grace and proficiency one would expect of a sociable...

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On your reference point page, following your 1st line, all following lines has to be indented five spaces.

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