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Assignment a few HY205

Subject: Reasons for decline of Islander population inside the 19th hundred years

Teitinrerei Babieca


Deadline Friday, 26/10/2012

It was assumed that inside the Pacific generally there a lot of conflicts going on in every island, diseases and more kinds of reasons which usually caused the decline of population in the nineteenth century. There are presumptions and controversy from historians, missionaries, explorers and other people about depopulation and many evidences provided to back up documents and articles. So , it is very clear that there is decline of Islander population in the nineteenth 100 years but it is difficult approximate and gives the complete number of people. Consequently , this dissertation will foundation on the three reasons including evidences coming from different areas, books, persons and website. These causes are called war, to the outside migration and diseases and finally it will state the most convincing reason for suffering. Historians are incredibly careful with their information and what to give with supporting evidence to convince individuals who their tale is believable and true. Regarding Francess he states that warfare is also the cause of depopulation inside the nineteenth hundred years in his isle known as Federated States of Micronesia and in addition in other Pacific Island Countries War is usually known as a battle between both people or perhaps countries once and for all reasons and frequently bad causes. There are some who have fight to avoid invasion with their land and some who fight for invading additional lands for further lands. Over these fighting and war that involve murdering and physical violence because people had been killed, kid and older people because of greediness and hunger for electricity. For example , in Tarawa, Kiribati, there has been warfare happen in the 19th 100 years which involves chiefs throughout this kind of island for fighting over lands but it ends in 1892 when Chief Davis arrived. It is clear and vivid that when this kind of chief battles each other pertaining to districts a whole lot of bloodshed has been seen. This...

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