How the Road Children of Paranaque Town Attain Pleasure Despite Poverty Research Conventional paper





Taking a look at the pavements of Manila, it is by no means new to see street kids kicking around. These avenue children take part in different actions, such as pleading for money or food, providing Sampaguita and cigars, collecting scrap metal and materials with worth and sell all of them, doing small tasks type merchants, dusting car windows, park kids, and some only lay silent in the spot. They do these types of activities to survive each day due to the lack of resources in their families. They are obliged to work day and nighttime so that they can move starvation. Quite often, the scarcity of solutions is so severe that some children are required to move out of their families and make their own way to outlive in these kinds of situations. Additionally, these children also knowledge discrimination from all other people due to the preconceived notions of avenue children as drug users, thieves and criminals, producing the cropping of solutions more difficult for the majority of of them.

But, despite residing in such starving situations, these children apparently still have a fair volume of play in their lives. These children often create a sort of relatives among their fellow street kids. Other children while begging for money concurrently play marking with their friends. Some can even afford to happily sing and party in front of other people. Even discriminated, these kids can still become heard laughing and can in other words a smile issues faces.

From this research, the researchers make an effort to question the source of delight in the midst of shortage and lower income of these avenue children. The researchers will discover out the factors of these kids for being in the streets and how can pleasure be achieved and their necessities. HAPPINESS AMONGST STREET CHILDREN2

Conceptual Framework


Lower income


- Health

-- Home

- Family

- Safety

- Money

-- Lifestyle

-- Education

Road Children

Just how can happiness become attained?

Poverty is the principal cause of the street children turmoil. Because of this, the road children are facing a lot of problems, primarily with the health. These problems increase discrimination with the people with the road children. Yet despite each one of these problems, just how can happiness still be attained by simply these kids?

Theoretical Framework

Based on the 1998 report, entitled " Situation from the Youth in the Philippines, " there are regarding 1 . 5 million streets children inside the Philippines. 73% of street children in the Philippines your time night in the homes of their families, nevertheless spend the remaining day working in the street. Among 25%-30% of street children often build a sort of friends and family among fellow street kids, and some of which may keep an disrupted relationship with the families as well as the homes of their families. 5%-10% of avenue children are completely abandoned (The Street Children in the Philippines, Wikipedia). In least, a street child is seen strolling along the roads, looking for a accommodations.


While in respect to Social Weather Channels (SWS), in the important facets of life and personal satisfaction of the Philippine youngsters in April 1996, every youth consider what is important inside their lives; having a good family life, having good education, finding meaning and purpose in life, being religious, producing contribution to society, having plenty of time for recreation and hobbies, and being politically involved; how we get along with your mother and father, yourself, the area you live in, your standard of living, your personal basic safety, and your educational experiences. But these street kids who are usually part of the children doesn't get this important aspects of life and private satisfaction. They can be deprived to what most people have got because of their current situation. The life-style of these youngsters are mostly functioning, begging and hanging out of the streets. Spending some time on the...


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