Chewing Gum Industry Essay


How would you estimate the size of the annual U. S. chewing gum market? Check your answer pertaining to reasonableness.

A normal approach:

Estimation the number of individuals that chew bubble gum: of the 300 million inhabitants, 15% will be between the age ranges of 12 and twenty, the heaviest users, for any total of 45 mil. Estimate why these people munch two bags per week, pertaining to annual product sales of 4, 500 million packs. Pertaining to the others over age 20, (70% of the three hundred million populace, or 210 million) calculate a consumption rate of just one half packs per week, for a total of 5, two hundred and fifty packs per year. Total packages per year is definitely 9, 750.

To check intended for reasonableness, determine the buck sales why these packs signify: at twenty-five cents every pack, twelve-monthly sales can be $2. some billion, a fair figure.


Pizza Shelter has recently came into the home lasagna delivery organization in Paris. The market for home delivery is currently dominated by Spizza Pizza. Pizza Hut has asked your talking to firm to help it examine issues that can determine the likelihood of success in the French Pizza marketplace. First, what information do you need and second, how would you analyze the pizza delivery market?

Possible Information Needs:

An estimate of the scale the French home pizzas delivery marketplace. This could be obtained by knowing the population of Paris (6 million) and making some educated guesses about elements that determine pizza market size.

You may also want to know the size of Spizza, the present competitor, including sales, range of stores, and proportion of Paris that is currently offered by Spizza.

Other beneficial information: marketplace segments targeted and served by Spizza; market sectors that are neglected by Spizza; what type of item do they provide; what do that they charge for his or her product; precisely what is the cost framework of their organization and what products will be most profitable.

Method of examination:

The best method of research would start by determining if any part of the...


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