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BMAN 71551 Economical Risk Management to get International Organization


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BMAN 71551



Reading List


The following textbook protects the majority of the material, and, consequently , is recommended just for this course:

David Eiteman, Arthur Stonehill and Michael Moffett (2013), Multinational Business Financial, 13th (Global) Edition, Pearson Education [ESM].

Additional texts (and their afterwards editions) also cover a lot of the material: Cheol S. Eun and Bruce G. Resnick (2014), Foreign Finance, seventh (Global Edition), McGraw-Hill Irwin [ER].

This textual content is the nearest substitute for ESM.

Buckley, A. (2006), Multinational Finance, fifth Edition, Pearson Education. Butler, K. C. (2008), International Finance, 4th Edition, Thomson South-Western. Pilbeam, K. (2006), International Finance, 3rd Edition, Palgrave Macmillan. Shapiro, A. C. (2006), Multinational Financial Management, ninth Edition, David Wiley & Sons.

In addition , students which has a non-finance qualifications are suggested to refer towards the following text messages (or their later editions) for an intro to the theory of financing: Bodie, Unces., Kane, A, Marcus, A. (2008), Purchases, 7th Copy, McGraw-Hill Irwin. Ross, S., Westerfield, T., Jaffee, L. (2007), Company Finance, 7th Edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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BMAN 71551 Financial Risikomanagement for Foreign Business


Detailed Browsing List

Address 1: Globalisation, Multinational Businesses and Foreign Monetary Program On Globalisation, MNEs and company Governance:


ESM, Ch. *1 and *2 OR PERHAPS ER, Ch. 1 and Ch. four.

On the Foreign Monetary Program and Exchange Rate Regimes: Textbooks:

ESM, Ch. *3 (except the section for the Euro) OR ER, Ch. 2 (except the section on the EMU). Pilbeam, Ch. 10 (Sections 10. 1-10. 3) and 11 (Sections 11. 13-11. 14) Documents:

* Levy-Yeyati, E. and Sturzenegger, Farrenheit. (2003), " To Float or to Repair: Evidence around the Impact of Exchange Price Regimes in Growth”, American Economic Assessment, Vol. 93, pp. 1173-1193.

* Rogoff, K., Husain, A. M, Mody, A., Brooks, L. and Oomes, N. (2003), " Advancement and Performance of Exchange Charge Regimes”, IMF Working Newspaper, WP/03/243. Upon Currency and Financial Crises (mainly for Workshop 2):

The Asian Financial Crisis:


ESM * Ch. being unfaithful (pp. 277-280) & a few OR EMERGENY ROOM Ch. 2 (pp. 51-55).

Pilbeam, Ch. *17 (Sections 17. 1 and 18. 5-17. 12)


Krugman, P. (1979), " A Model of Balance of Payments Crises”, Journal of Money, Credit and Bank, Vol. 11, pp. 311-325.

* Krugman, P. (1998a), " So what happened to Asia”, mimeo, UBER. Online get:

5. Mishkin, Farrenheit., (1999), " Lessons from the Asian Crisis”, Journal of International Funds and Finance, Vol. 18, pp. 709–723.

* Rajan, R. G and Zingales, L. (1998), " Which usually Capitalism? Lessons from the East Asian Crisis”, Journal of Applied Business Finance, Vol. 11. pp. 40-48. Stiglitz, J. (1999), " Reforming the Global Financial Architecture: Lessons from New Crisis”, Diary of Fund, Vol. fifty four, pp. 1508-21

The Global Financial meltdown:


ESM Ch. a few (pp. 142-152) OR ER Ch. 1 (pp. 16-18).


BMAN 71551 Financial Risk Management pertaining to International Business



* Allen, F., and Carletti, At the. (2011), " An Overview of the Crisis: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions”, International Review of Financial, Vol. 12, pp 1-26. Blanchard, O., Caruana, T., Moghadam, L. (2009), ‘Initial Lessons in the Crisis', IMF Working Paper. Online gain access to: 2. indicates important reading

a few

BMAN 71551 Financial Risikomanagement for Worldwide Business


Lecture a couple of: The Foreign Exchange Market

On the FX industry and Microstructure:


ESM, Ch. *6 OR IM OR HER, Ch. your five.


Bessembinder, H., (1994), " Bid-ask Spreads in the Interbank Overseas...


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