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Family Service and Guidance Center (FSGC) is known as a nonprofit organization that helps children deal with mental health ailments and support the families involved in tending to those kids. They have many programs that can help children and households deal with mental health wellbeing in their families and have a lot of successful techniques they use their resources to accomplish this. Over the years FSGC has evaluated the requirements of the community and transformed their applications and structure to meet all those changing needs. I have included a logical model and final result evaluation for the Children Development Plan (YDP) are available in several schools in the Topeka area and within FSGC.

Family Service & Guidance Center Program Evaluation


Family Assistance & Assistance Center can be an organization which has been in Topeka since 1904 when they had been established to help flood patients. As with many nonprofit organizations over the years they have changed in order to meet the needs of the community. In 1954 they started focusing on featuring mental health-related to the community of Topeka, and in 1984 they began focusing " exclusively upon meeting the unique needs of kids and their family members. ” (Family Service and Guidance Centre, n. deb. ) They will currently serve the children in Topeka as well as other counties and cities in Kansas. They will receive cash from personal donors, Condition and Region funds, funds, United Approach funds, and funds off their annual fund-collecting event. They could provide services to those who may not be capable of afford mental health care for his or her children through a sliding size for fees on solutions provided so clients are able to afford solutions. Purpose

The primary purpose of FSGC is to offer children that contain mental overall health illnesses and the families support and help your children learn how to handle their mental health to be productive adults. FSGC's mission statement declares " Friends and family Service & Guidance Centre provides quality behavioral health care for children and families. ” (Family Services and Advice Center, n. d. ) FSGC's eye-sight statement states " Family Service & Guidance Center shall be a premier, outcomes-focused children and family behavioral healthcare center that provides schooling opportunities intended for behavioral health care professionals. ” (Family Service and Guidance Center, n. g. )

Accomplishment Metrics

As I looked at the Annual Survey for FSGC I found that they can used source acquisition way, internal method approach, and stakeholder way of report all their effectiveness. They talk about the programs that they helped pay for within the community. " The FSGC Foundation awarded more than $258, 000 to several jobs and programs in 2013. They included $76, 500 for the future structure of a play ground for school-aged children and $40, 500 for the hiring of any full-time community outreach specialist to help kids get the mental health companies they need. ” (Family Service & Guidance Center, 2013, p. 3) Showing in which they are adding their money and what kinds of jobs the organization is doing with their solutions to make things happen shows resource buy and how it will help the community. They are using the money to help their mission of " quality behavioral health care to kids and households. ” (Family Service and Guidance Center, n. d. ) Additionally, they talk about bringing up $100, 500 in their gross annual auction and getting their initial installment of a $1. some million dollars from the Cindy Sue Juby Trust " to support kids from beginning to grow older six. ” (Family Services & Assistance Center, 2013, p. 3) By showing all these facts and numbers in their Gross annual Report they may be showing considerable resource acquisitions in recruiting with the added staff pertaining to community outreach, capital assets with the play ground, financial resources while using funds...

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