Effect of Facebook on Junior Essay

Proposed name

The meaning of Twitter numerous youth as well as the effects on the social lives Introduction

I have chosen to look into what the social networking " twitter” means to our youth in addition to the role it plays in the lives. Tweets is a online community and micro-blogging service that enables you solution the question, " What are you doing? " by mailing short text messages 140 character types in length, known as " tweets", to your close friends, or " followers" You are able to send the messages making use of the Twitter website directly, like a single SMS alert, or via a thirdparty application just like Twirl, Snitter, or the Twitterfox add-on intended for Firefox. (www.twitter.com) Twitter started in 2006 when the podcasting business Odeo realized they had to reinvent themselves and begin brainstorming new creative ideas. Jack Dorsey introduced the idea of creating a great sms ( short communication texting) that would allow a user to get in touch with a small group of people ( Difficulty statement

What effect will the use of twitter have around the social lives of the junior and as a result what twitter means to our youth? Primary issue

The influence does tweets have for the youth?


How happen to be youth's interpersonal lives afflicted

Does myspace interfere with time management

The impact of twitter in social position

Effects of twitter and exactly how they connect to society

Exploration design

The research will be conducted through qualitative research. The investigation is exploratory and descriptive. The research will try and gain an understanding of this wide spread social media which has transformed the way in which each of our youth communicates and socialises. The collection of data will be done in a number of ways which will include interviews, surveys, target groups etc . The aim of which will be to have a basic idea of the way the youth feels and sees this social media.

The more important part of the research will be executed through thorough interviews which will facilitate a debate for the effects of twitter....

References: www.twitter.com


Communication research: approaches, methods and applications (second edition) by simply G. Meters du Plooy.


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