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Volume: one particular No . a few May 2013

The Impact of one's Crises around the Textile Sector of

Pakistan (2005-2010)

Beenish Shah

Mature Teaching Helper

Department of Management Savoir, ISRA College or university

Hyderabad, Pakistan

E-mail: Beenish. [email protected] edu. pk

Sri Devi Essrani

BBA Pupil (Finance)

E-mail: Sri. [email protected] com

Nida Shah


E-mail: Nida. [email protected] com

Nayab Rahat

BBA Student (Finance),

Email-based: nayabrahat. [email protected] com

________________________________________________________________________ Abstract

This study evaluates the impact of crucial energy crisis for the performance of textile sector of Pakistan for a 6 year period (2005-2010). For the purpose of comparison this kind of study is definitely divided into two sub periods: pre-crisis period (2005-2006) and post-crisis period (2007-2010). To get real understanding of the sensation under examine, secondary info has been collected from Point out Bank of Pakistan Examination Report upon Textile Sector. The technique comprised of horizontally analysis of the major percentages (profitability, fluid, asset managing and financial debt management) for the entire period. The profitability ratios just like ROA, ROE and NPM has shown suffering trend in post strength crisis period. The debt management and advantage management ratios evidenced the illmanagement of debts and assets of textile sector during strength crisis period. The fluid ratio as well shows weak trend during and after energy crisis. Basically, the outcomes allow all of us to conclude that textile sector has been poorly affected in post-energy crisis period while compare to pre energy catastrophe period.

______________________________________________________________________________ Keywords: Lateral analysis, Linen Sector, success, Energy downturn. JEL unique codes: G39, L6, L67, Q13, Q40, Q41, Q43, Y1


Journal of Emerging Problems in Economics, Finance and Banking (JEIEFB) An Online International Monthly Journal (ISSN: 2306 367X)

Amount: 1 No . 5 May 2013

1 ) Introduction

The textile sector of Pakistan is scrutinized as the backbone of economy of Pakistan (Siddique et ing, 2012). It has been playing an important role in the progression in the country by eradicating joblessness to hugely and expanding the foreign transact for the last 50 years. It has contributed approximately 9. 5% for the GDP and continues to maintain a critical position (52% approximately) inside the total export products of the region. It provides work to regarding 15 Million labor force out of forty-nine Million which will approximates to 30% of work force with the country. In the continent of Asia, Pakistan holds 9th position among the list of exporters with the textile items. It is the last largest organic cotton producer and third greatest cotton client in the world as well as its availability has led to the expansion of the fabric industry. Pakistan's textile sector is highly based mostly on the rotating activity. Currently the textile sector of Pakistan is working with 442 rotating units and 1, 221 ginning product which are generating textile items in the country. (Ahmed Yaseen, 2007).

After freedom, the textile sector has grown at speedy pace. Before five decades, this sector has demonstrated itself simply by capturing a global markets broadening the foreign control in the country. Unfortunately, some unfavorable conditions which include instability in the political and economic circumstances, fluctuations in the global market segments, the effects of the pests on the cotton crops and overpowering energy entree have greatly affected the productivity and growth of this sector. Additionally, the skyrocketing petroleum rates, unhealthy federal government policies, deficiency in the gas supply, mind-boggling load shedding of the electrical power, escalating raw material rates have dramatically increases the expense of production. (SMEDA, 2011) The purpose of this examine is to...

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