ECT122 Wk5 ILab three or more Essay

ECT 122 Week 5 iLab #3

1 . Decide the load voltage by deriving an equivalent outlet for the circuit below. Reduce the R1, R2, and R3 blend to a solitary equivalent level of resistance. Also, lessen R4 and RL1 to a single resistance.

RA-B: _408Ω____RC: __99Ω____

VL1: _1. 952V______

Ra= R1+R2= 470Ω+220Ω= 690Ω

Rab= Ra//R3= 690Ω(1kΩ)/690Ω+1kΩ= 690000/1690= 408Ω Rc= R4//RL1= 220Ω(180Ω)/220Ω+180Ω= 39600/400= 99Ω

Rt= Rab//Rc= 408Ω(99Ω)/408Ω+99Ω= 40392/507= 79. 66Ω VL1= V x Rt/Rab= 10V x 79. 66Ω/408Ω= 1 . 952V

2 . Download the Multisim file " Ser_Par3” by Doc Posting, Week your five. Run the simulation and verify the simulated fill voltage matches the calculated value.

VL1: _1. 952V_____

Did they match (YES/NO)? If simply no, determine why and correct it. Yes the results combined.

3. Alter the Multisim file to match the equivalent circuit you created in trouble #1 (Battery and two equivalent resistors). Run the simulation and compare the same circuit's outcomes with the original circuit's outcomes. Are the results the same (YES/NO)? If no, determine so why and correct it Yes the results are similar.

4. Create the original circuit above on the breadboard. Connect the circuit's input into a DC power supply and set this to +10 V. Use a hand held DMM to adjust the supply to +10 V. Using the hand held DMM, measure the weight voltage. Have the professor verify the signal before applying power.

VL1: _1. 302V____

Does the value match the determined and simulated values (YES/NO)? If not any, determine for what reason and correct this. Yes, we all you take into account the resistors being a quite different in measurement the browsing is accurate. My resistors weren't the identical value. Instead of 220Ω it absolutely was 218Ω. Plus the other was supposed to be 180Ω but just measured being 178. 5Ω. So that the actual reading a little lower than it should be.

Computing the volt quality across the resistors.

5. If...


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