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Tar Heel Capital

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Cafe Franchisee Example

Fraudulent Activity Challenge

Wendy's franchisee owner, Tar Rearfoot Capital, was challenged with controlling check out shrink and inflated payroll costs. Like many quick service restaurant operators, Tar Heel Capital used swipe cards to get manager voids and changes, but these cards were conveniently shared and therefore did not give transaction accountability. Keypads were used for time and attendance traffic monitoring. However , this kind of led to staff clocking set for each other, resulting in payroll fraud and improved operational costs. The THIS Department was burdened with frequently upgrading lost or forgotten cards. This disrupted the stream of organization and elevated IT costs.

The Effects

With DigitalPersona's fingerprint authentication solution, Tar Heel Capital has been able to combat worker fraud and recapture shed margins whilst decreasing THIS costs. The fingerprint visitors provide a more powerful level of protection and answerability for worker POS deals, as well as some attendance monitoring. This gives Tar Heel Capital greater control of costs associated with check out theft and time clock scam.

Boone, NC


Tar Heel Capital is a large Wendy's restaurant franchisee with over seventy five locations plus more than 2800 employees throughout North and South Carolina. Before the deployment of fingerprint biometrics, swipe playing cards were employed for cash register voids and keypads were used for time and presence tracking Both resulted in make believe voids and time clock fraudulence. neeDs

Tar Heel Capital wanted to replace swipe playing cards and keypad entries using a solution that will: • Decrease Fraud • Provide Responsibility • Decrease IT Costs D I g My spouse and i TA L P elizabeth R s o d A S R to D u C To s

DigitalPersona Fingerprint Authentication Solution

Following discussion with industry peers and assessing the technology, Tar Heel Capital chose WANDв„ў Point-of-Sale (POS) application and DigitalPersona U. will be. U...


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