Essay upon Current Environmental Analysis

Current Environmental Analysis

Group 4

MHA 5010-01

Strategic Medical Planning

Doctor Matthew Creeks

July 30, 2012


The Behavioral Health industry is a field that is designed to help people improve the quality of life through behavioral therapy and facilities surrounding the country happen to be established to take care of the people in need. The subsequent pages certainly are a group effort on Carver Community Center and the behavioral health elements relating to the present internal and external environment, directional strategy, mission, principles and desired goals. Concentration is dedicated to the forces governing the competition plus the agencies created to oversee the facilities. Goals and tricks of the competitive forces and positioning strategies are addressed as well. Introduction to Organization

Carver Community Centre is a multi-service human services and Mental Health agency located in the location of Schenectady, New York. The facility employs more than 120 part and full time staffers and is employed with many area schools providing internships and volunteer services. Carver operates out of three permanent sites in the City of Schenectady. The programs include OASAS (Office of Dependency on alcohol & Drug abuse Services) qualified substance abuse therapies, intervention and treatment facility, found in the Split Street community: fully licensed child care facility, located in Raritan Town. Carver gives both outpatient substance abuse counseling services as well as substance abuse maintenance courses (Suboxone). In addition , Carver gives individual and family therapy specializing in co-occurring disorders and treatment pertaining to depression with Raritan Town, daily community food kitchen and garments distribution center located at the 1600 Eastern Parkway building. An adolescent providers and company prevention plan, which works in tandem with the Schenectady Law enforcement officials Department, located at 1600 Eastern Parkway building; and a service system to provide info to assist people in discovering important community service and public works facilities in the city, positioned in Raritan Town. As of 04 2010, the facility started classes intended for both adults and teenagers in the artwork of GoJu martial Arts classes. Martial arts provides for both physical and psychological therapy. This emphasizes a powerful commitment to healthy body and mind with a concentrate on meditation and changing the negative thought process. All of the services are provided by using an outpatient basis. There is a continuing professional romance with the Tri-county Department of Criminal Proper rights and provide outpatient counseling services for both teenage and adult offenders. Perspective, Mission, and Values

" It is the quest of Carver Community Middle, Inc. to respond to the various needs of people and family members living in the location of Schenectady and to continue to develop fresh initiatives in order to meet the changing needs of our community. As part of our mission assertion, we promise to conduct business affairs with honesty based on appear ethical and moral standards” (Carver Mental Health, 2008). The facility will still promote the appropriate ongoing and timely education of the staff and technicians through under one building service workshops and official academic classroom courses. Carver monitors its affairs and ensures suitable accountability of the directors, officers, managers, range employees, technicians, volunteers yet others to regulate complying with all state and federal laws. The Center seeks to provide an ambiance that promotes open dialogue without fear of retribution, and promptly pinpoints and solves issues. Decentralization allows businesses to take advantage of trademark labor by simply sharing decision-making across the corporation. It also allows employees and allows them to improve their overall performance by being in a position to act to further improve deficient or inefficient areas...

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