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NAME: Aw Swee Sian

LEARNING CENTRE: Kelantan Learning Centre

Desk of Material

1 . 0 Introduction1

installment payments on your 0 Conflict and Reasons2

2 . one particular Colonialism2

2 . 2 Independence2

2 . a few Religious Dispute3

2 . four Economical Gain4

3. 0 Moral of Principle4

three or more. 1Principle of Duty5

several. 2 Principle of Ambition6

3. several Principle of Badness6

several. 4 Principle of Human Evolution6

4. 0 War and Preventions7

4. 1 Strengthen the Political Relationship8

4. two Develop Nearer Bond Between religion8

some. 3 Education and Awareness8

4. some Involvement in Non Governmental Organization9

some. 5 Curb Racial Profiling9

4. 0 Summary10



How come war happen? War happens for numerous reasons like greed, fame, religion, financial and colonialism. Before all of us go further more on individuals issues, let define conflict. Oxford dictionary define war as a express of armed conflict between different countries or distinct groups within country. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy identifies war as an actual, intentional and widespread equipped conflict between political areas. Regardless of even so war was defined; it had been never very good situations for you to be involved in. Throughout history, power and colonialism was achieved through war plus the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia was recorded as the 1st war at any time happen. The First World War was sparked together with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, inheritor of Austro-Hungarian throne in Sarajevo about 28th 06 1914. The death of Ferdinand is the start of events of worldwide war. Universe War 2 left destructive impact to thousands coming from all over the world and it was referred to as biggest mass war that ever happen. In this project, the writer will contact on the good reason that war happened and discussion posts on the war from a moral basic principle point of view, such as the principle of duty, principle of badness, principle of human development and rule of ambition point of view. It is important to understand this matter to find methods to war. The writer will also give suggestions on how can we prevent conflict from occurring in future. Warfare and Factors

Crushing a result of war is usually undeniable. The damage affects both physically and psychologically. Conflict did not happen overnight, this usually the cumulated discord between countries and usually happen for a long durations. A lot of wars consider up to many years to end and till today there are countries still for war. Battle happen because of various reasons and it involve human nature and greed. 2 . 1Colonialism

We can ponder about the countless reasons why war happened, but i want to look further more into depth on the few main points that had been mentioned above. Colonialism, according to Stanford En CITATION Koh14 \l 1033 (Kohn, 2014)cyclopedia of Beliefs refers to the practise of domination, that involve the submissions of just one people to one more. We acknowledged colonialism last history since how one country colonizes another, largely on the desire to expand their power and territory. It is usually due to economical reasons just like acquisition of methods or enlargement their place. There are great and unfavorable impacts to colonisation. In Malaysia, colonisation started when Portuguese were looking for new operate routes by Europe to India. That they conquered Malacca in 1511. The colonisation of English into Malaya had increased infrastructures and industrial establishment with the building of railway road and new town. In return for modernization for a better Malaya, Malaya's natural resources were used. Independence

Males were under no circumstances born to get brought up within a cage or to live beneath fear. The inborn desire to live readily is one of the main reasons that men would take up a war to fight for their particular independence. The fight for independence has often begin with a voice of rebellion among the list of citizens of a country, whether it is the fight from an unjust government or the battle to stand up for some thing they believe in or the fight for the people on its own. William Wallace and...

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