Essay on Case Study -- Marketing pertaining to Hospitality and Tourism

Case 27 " The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore”


Walter Junger may be the executive assistant manager in food and drink department from the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore motel. He came up with the event " first total annual New World of Food and Wine Festival” The managing believed his suggestion would be beneficial and backed the style with budget, personnel and managerial support. Event as well had another purposes like creating advertising for the hotel and developing scholarship or grant fund for students. Starting from starting cocktail reception, the event was held to get four times. The celebration was split up into three parts of wine sampling and dining, with rates ranging from $50 to $180. Almost all the events during the festivity were sold-out, and some also had waiting lists. In addition , market of exceptional wine was conducted to make funds through the gala meal. The public auction was well supported by guests raising above $18, 1000.

What about today?

Millenia Singapore made " New World of Food and Wine Festival” in 1996. After success in that 12 months, they ongoing their celebrations. This is the photo taken from a single internet site. This website gives us information about entrance fee, the chef that will attend the event and pictures from your event

This is the picture regarding strawberry-flavored candy

This is the picture about attendees(chefs)

The pictures on the left are invite form from your hotel in 2004. It had been held pertaining to 8 days and lots of applications were designed to attract customers and make them feel the joy of taste.

This article was published in 2012. The content is around the Millenia's food and wine festivity. Thus, it implies they are nonetheless holding the festival each year.

In addition to that, they‘ve been doing a lot of things inside of the motel.

In 2011, they will opened outdoor function space – Millenia Pavillion, finished renovation of 608 areas and suites

Also, their very own bathroom was chosen because the planet's sexiest bathroom.

In 2012, they will ranked best on Client satisfaction Index of singapore 2011 (they rated top in 2011 however the article was released in 2012 march).

Likewise, Article revealed that Millenia Singapore ranked 73rd out of leading 100 accommodations in Travelling + Leisure's 2012 World's Best Awards list

In 2013, they celebrated Singapore's 48th nationwide holiday with fireworks and buffet breakfast

Discussion queries

1 . Was your New World of Food and Wine Event a good advertising event? Clarify and support your response

Definitions to get public relations differ widely. Available, there is definition of public relations via Hilton International. The process by which we build a positive image and customer preference through third-party validation. New World of Food and Wine Festival was very good public relations celebration for two causes.

First, that matched customer preference.

Abundant people just like fine wine beverages and Millenia hotel matched the inclination by offering still wine beverages from the Residence of Moet et Chandon, Australia.

Second, this gave great image about company.

Auction of uncommon wine was conducted to boost funds throughout the gala dinner. The public sale was very well supported by guests raising over $18, 1000. The aim of this fund was to develop scholarship grant fund for students to follow a meals and refreshment career. This made picture that organization cares for persons and contemporary society. Nowadays, we all call this " Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR). In the event that they did not make great image using this event in Singapore, they might be out of business in several years. Built in mil novecentos e noventa e seis, they are continue to in business. Just like the article stated earlier, Millenia can be keep having the food and beverage festivity annually. In the event they didn't had experienced many people in mil novecentos e noventa e seis, they would not make the profit, continue the case till at this point and create positive picture about their company. I think that's why this festivity is good sort of public relations function.

2 . If you were people relations movie director for the Ritz Millenia, in what types of media would you make an effort to...


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