The Impact of Teen Being pregnant Essay

English 1101

12 February 2013

The effect of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenager pregnancy dosage have a huge effect on the contemporary society. In fact , the majority of teens think it's awesome to be pregnant. According to the document " The result of Teenage Pregnancy in Society” by Amanda Hermes, that being a pregnant young does have an impact on contemporary society. First, really causing the rate of school drop outs to move up. Second, the society economic asset is being taken from them. Thirdly, each of our household it being that they are taking an extra person in to the residence.

First, teen pregnancy deters increased education. It brings about significant amount of lost earnings, which affect the economic climate as a whole. Relating to Amanda Hermes, " Children of teenage moms are more likely to carry out poorly at school, making it difficult for them to graduate from high school and escape the welfare program. ” Thirty four percent of young mother earn neither a school degree neither a high university diploma.

Second, financial advantage we while taxpayers are paying for education, health care expense, and elevated child well being costs. According to Amanda Hermes, " Teen childbearing costs taxpayers at least 9 billion dollars each year. So when the mother or father are not paying their bills to take care of their very own baby which when the taxpayer come in that help out. Most likely this is because teenage moms and dads are less likely to total school, rendering it hard for them to obtain higher-paying jobs.

Last but not least, the household if the house has already been overcrowded. In respect to Amanda Hermes, " Stress, changing relationships, monetary concerns, loss in trust, and tough decisions come in to try out in the household when a young gets pregnant. ” So it either up to the parents from the teens or the teens to come up with the money as well as the sleeping arrangements to take care of a human being. Our household is a part of society, what are the results on the inside may possibly affect how a teens react on the outside.

Young pregnancy provides a lot of different impacts within the society. With...


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