A Comparison between your Personas of Alan from Peter Shaffers Take up Equus and Billy Bibbit from Ken Keseys Novel One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

A Comparison between your Individuals of Alan from Peter Shaffer's Take up Equus and Billy Bibbit from Ken Kesey's Novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

In Shaffer’s, “Equus”, Alan is a boy of 17 who has deep troubling issues. Alan keeps each one of these emotions to himself; he retains these secrets dear. In Kesey’s, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, Billy Bibbit is definitely a thirty twelve months old voluntary psychiatric person, and he also, fights along with his demons. Both these characters share similarities and variations associated with their state of mind. They are both somewhat broken and seem to be at a stalemate with lifestyle; both too scared for just one reason or another to go on. They both seem to be to be isolated in one web form or another from what will make them happy. Alan, like Billy, appears sympathetic to the emotions of others, though it appears his attitude alters somewhat after his barn blinding incident. Alan becomes somewhat extra cynical as his report progresses; which might relate with his guilt in what he did. Alan’s story is one of enthusiasm for something he retains dear; horses. However, his passion is certainly melted with disillusion, that of religion because of this of what he has got been trained by his mom. Alan appeared to want to cling onto something strong and meaningful, and for that reason, when his Mom presented to him, religious beliefs he gripped on tightly. This became his obsession and his best passion in life; that may be validated by his activities involving a religious printing he hung above his bed. His daddy sees his obsession,and, is angered by his wife’s meddling within their son’s mind. Alan’s daddy rips the spiritual poster from his wall, devastating the poor


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